Let’s go glamping

The sound of birds and insects, the wind through the trees, unobstructed views of lakes and oceans – it’s all yours for taking when you’re camping. But there’s also the bother of lugging tents, sleeping bags, fire wood, and piles of other supplies to the campsite.

How do you get the idyllic nature experience without all the hassle? The answer can be found in a single word – glamping.

In the history of camping, glamourous camping, or glamping, is a relatively new concept. It takes all the appeal of camping – getting in touch with nature, the simple life – and reduces the not-so-glamorous parts.
Generally speaking, camping requires a fair amount of equipment; a tent, food, all your cooking utensils and a sleeping bag at the very minimum. A quick search of retail camping websites and one has a seemingly endless supply of gear for purchase. Wonderful! But don’t forget that all of this gear, of course, requires maintenance and storage and an extensive screening before a trip.

Glamping, on the other hand takes care of most of the equipment, and you can find yourself spending a weekend in a yurt, teepee, pod, bell tent, vintage caravan or trailer, safari tent, tent cabin or tree house, with minimal fuss or investment.

For one thing, the tent has already been pitched and in many cases the bed has been made. You’ll probably still have to share ablution facilities – it’s one of the ways glamping sites keep the costs down – but you’ll get hot running water and flushing toilets.

If you want to up the glamour aspect, there are many places where you can experience the very best of glamping, with secluded accommodation and private bathrooms in beautiful locations.

South Africa has a long history of luxurious safari accommodation and service, and some providers have adapted that offering to include glamping. Basically, you get a fully serviced room – often a well-appointed tent or tree house with an en-suite bathroom – far enough away from other guests to feel like you’re alone in the wilderness, but close enough to a lodge where you are served meals and have access to other amenities.

Regardless of the level of glamour you choose, you get the comfort of more traditional accommodation and the opportunity to reconnect with nature. Show up, settle in and start relaxing right away. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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