Northern Cape Tourism Association

Sa ǁa ǃaĩsi ‘uĩsi – (“We go to a better life”)

Voted as the top 6th must do world destination, the Northern Cape is a Southern African ‘bucket list’ destination.  Majestically reaching over 360,000 square kilometres from the world-renowned Kalahari Desert in the north to the arid plains of the Karoo in the South, the Northern Cape Province of South Africa is the largest province within South Africa.

Its diverse tourism offering, from the incredible unique natural beauty, its rich and unique archaeological heritage,  the cultural diversity and warm and hospitable people, this unique land will offer you extraordinary experiences.

Experience a world of wilderness. Be one with Africa’s animal kingdom out in the vast desert sands. Celebrate, dance and feast with the //Khomani San. Gasp at the diamond studded night-time skies and listen to ancient wisdoms around dancing fires. Listen to the tales of Kimberley Diamonds, follow the old Anglo-Boer War trails. Wonder at the dreamscapes of flower fields in the springtime.

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