The importance of taking a holiday

You might think that a vacation is a luxury you can’t afford. But getting away from your everyday life is more important that you realise.

A holiday that removes you from your daily or weekly routine can have a number of mental and physical benefits beyond quality time with loved ones and stress release. Studies have shown that regular vacations can lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. Merely planning a holiday can improve feelings of happiness and excitement.

All of this makes you a better spouse, partner, parent and employee. And these benefits don’t just apply to adults. Research has also uncovered a correlation between children’s academic achievement and family vacations.

Before you argue that it’s too expensive to go on holiday, remember that these benefits don’t correlate to the cost of the trip. And breaking the bank to afford a holiday will just increase the stress that you’re trying combat. A weekend at a bed-and-breakfast in a neighbouring province is just as beneficial as a week spent skiing in the Alps.

So, this year, don’t just dream about going on holiday. Come to the Holiday Expo and book your perfect get away.

Five more reasons to go on holiday:

  1. Holidays help maintain focus
  2. Holidays help prevent illness
  3. Holidays strengthen relationships
  4. Holidays make you more productive at work
  5. Holidays improve your sleep quality

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